About us

About AnthusIn 2009, Ryan Porter developed an innovative event ticket sales system for a Tiësto world tour, sparking a business that generated up to $64 million annually for over fourteen years. We came together as a team as the business expanded, going from a tiny startup to a department within a large multinational corporation, Tao Group Hospitality. We have worked cohesively for more than a decade, safeguarding an impeccable record in reliability and security.

Throughout our journey, we not only integrated various third-party platforms—including Salesforce, Marketo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Mailchimp, and Paytronix into our system but also successfully navigated through multiple technological revolutions. From embracing cloud computing to harnessing serverless architectures and deploying artificial intelligence applications, we continuously adapted and innovated while maintaining operational excellence and security. Even amidst rigorous audits from top-tier firms and scrutiny from our parent company, Madison Square Garden Entertainment, our innovative approaches to service management maturity and risk management consistently earned approval.

Our endurance over more than fourteen years is a testament to our commitment and capability in preventing business interruptions arising from downtime, software malfunctions, security incidents, or data losses. The hackers never got us, despite being a prime target. When a catastrophic failure struck an entire AWS data center, we relocated the entire system to a new data center within hours, ensuring that ticket scanning at nightclubs proceeded without a hitch. We have navigated through massive DDoS attacks, primary database server failures, silent failures in third-party systems, and everything else you could imagine. We always kept the revenue flowing. Then we smoothly handed it off to the next team with no business interruption or impairment.

Now, we bring our depth of experience and technical agility to your projects. What can we develop and operate for you?