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Anthus represents a legacy of reliable innovation. Our team excels in both developing and operating efficient, high-availability systems. Our track record stands for itself, demonstrating enduring solutions with business value. Partner with us for a journey marked by excellence and dependability.

Our Mission

Deliver serverless business solutions using collaboration between human and artificial intelligence in every aspect of development and operations.

Our Values

  • Prioritize Solutions Over Tools

    Investing in products and services only delivers business value if you're in the business of products and services. We're in the business of solutions.

  • Design for Humans

    Computers exist to help humans accomplish things. Not the other way around. Make it easy for the human, not the computer.

  • Focus on Business Logic

    The only code you should be writing is the business logic that solves real problems. Don't waste time reinventing wheels.

  • Continuously Improve

    Enable rapid, iterative change through agile software development. Mitigate the risk of change by making lots of small, verifiable changes.

  • Collaborate with AI Humanely

    People skills are vital for leveraging artificial people. You can get a lot more out of AI tools if you know how to collaborate with people.

  • Implement Infrastructure as Code

    Every aspect of a production system should be created and configured by code so that it's reprooducible, not manually.

  • Commodify AI Models

    Treat AI models as replaceable, not magic black boxes. In a world with no moats, don't invest too much in any given castle.

  • Optimize Resource Usage

    Balance efficiency with cost-effectiveness so that your idea will be sustainable and so that it can scale.

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